Being a Good Chat Owner

Some people ask: “What does it take to be a Good Chat Owner?” Since Minnit makes it so easy for anyone to make a chat, it’s important you stand out from the crowd by utilizing a few tips. Don’t have an account? Sign Up Now and get a free chatroom up in as little as a minute!

First off, don’t just give anybody Moderator access. Only users who understand the rules, and are friendly, should be considered. This makes your existing Moderators feel appreciated and more apart of a team. Being a Moderator in your chat should be seen as a trusted privilege, not something to be expected.

You may also wish to consider making a rule against requesting/begging for ranks, too.

Next, remember: “Rules are rules”, no exceptions. The worst mistake you can make is writing up a set of rules and then not properly enforcing them. If a rule gets broken, you have to take action immediately, regardless of who the offending user is.

For instance, if your chat has a policy against offensive language, and your long-time Moderator uses a bad word in a fit of anger, you can’t just “let it slide”, because you will upset the other Moderators who feel they wouldn’t get such special treatment. It will not be fun to remove a long-time Moderator, and it may even cause drama within your chatroom, but ultimately the users will know that, even though it’s sad to see the chat lose a Moderator, you were playing fairly. It will also help to remind the Moderator that they can still get their rank back later if they behave.

If other Moderators suggest you were unfair, remind them of the rules. Let them know that you did not like demoting the Moderator, but, again, “Rules are rules!” They will hopefully understand and agree that you only did what you did because you had to, not because you wanted to.

Finally, communicate with your Moderators! After all, they are the ones enforcing the rules and keeping your chat flowing smoothly.

If one of them has an issue, encourage them to Direct Message you in the chat and discuss how things could be improved. Ensure that everything is kept anonymous; if one of your Moderators thinks another Moderator should be removed, you should not announce that to the chat. If you need to discuss things with another Moderator as a result of your conversation, inform the first Moderator that you will do this, but you will not mention any names.

Any Owner who listens to their Moderators will be able to run a successful chat.

That’s all of the tips for today. Remember: You can Register on and get a free HTML5 chatroom in as little as a minute. Once you do that, refer back to this article any time issues arise, and you’ll have users in no time. Happy chatting!

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