Dominating with Subrooms

Minnit is pleased to introduce a huge overhaul to the Subroom system. Now, you can create your own subrooms, and control who may enter/speak in them.

To access this new menu, go to your Chat Settings (click “Edit Your Chat”), then click Subrooms on the left-hand menu.

Here, you may add a total of 3 subrooms, including the #main one. Give it a code, which you can call using # (like #brkcity or #lemonheads), as well as a display name. Save changes, and you’ll be set!

All of your existing Moderators/Admins will keep their ranks in all subrooms. This is just a more convenient way to split your chat up. You could have #updates where you & your Owners can go to post about important events, and nobody else can talk — so they keep up to date. Or, have #nsfw where users go to have inappropriate conversations, while keeping your #main chat appropriate.

If you want to link someone directly to a subroom, you can do so by linking to for example.