Minnit Organizations — Coming Soon

Hello everyone.

It’s been nearly a month since our last major update, which introduced a new chat design, the ability to delete individual messages, and, most importantly, the ability to upload and share files directly within the chat. I want to thank the Owners who have reached out with feedback, whether from themselves, their staff, or their users. Our mission is, and has always been, to make the best chat service around.

And of course, we’re not slowing down any time soon. Today I am going to reveal Organizations, coming later this year to Minnit Chat. So let’s begin explaining the idea and reason behind Organizations, and what they will bring to the table.

We essentially have two types of owners. The first type of owner just wants to create a chat, embed it onto their website, and get it popular. They want to remain in the Discover listings to get more users who just browse around Minnit Chat. They want something easy. And for those users, we will continue to provide the great support we’ve provided since day one. Nothing about the existing Minnit Chat infrastructure is changing.

That being said… There’s a second type of owner. They want their chat to be an integral part of their website. They want total control over the usernames people choose. They want to only use their chat within their website, without “Minnit Users” joining. And for those type of owners, Minnit Organizations are our answer.

Each Minnit Organization will have its own account setup, independent of the rest of Minnit Chat. Owners are able to manage the accounts individually, as well — if a user forgets their password, you as the owner can reset it for them. You will also get a ton of more power over the entirety of your Minnit Organization:

You want to require users to provide an email to create an account? You got it.

You want to only allow users to create an account by connecting to your website using OAuth2/SAML2? No problem.

You want to have your logo present on every single page, including login and account settings? We got you covered.

You want to hide any & all references to “Minnit” from your chatroom and relevant pages, so your visitors may not even realize you didn’t make the chat yourself? Enjoy!

After talking directly with chat owners for nearly two years, we’re certain that Organizations will be a hit. Stay tuned for further details, including pricing, features, and more.

Happy chatting!