Minnit Chat – Summer 2018 Update

Minnit Chat is proud to announce a major update. While some of it is behind-the-scenes, there are a few major things we think you’ll like.

First off, is the introduction of Premium Plans. Don’t worry, our existing features, that you know and love, will remain free. Minnit will still remain a great, free embed chat. We’re just adding new features for the premium plans.

Premium features can be found by going to minnit.chat/pricing. Here, you will see various pricing options for our new features, which include full customization of the chat’s CSS, the ability to upload your own emojis, have more concurrent users, and loosened limitations on many of the other existing features available in the free tier. We’ve gotten great feedback from our users over the past year, and we really think you’ll like our new premium features — and having them is a great way to help support Minnit Chat’s continued development.

In the future, we plan to add even more features to enhance your chatting experience, including the ability to integrate your existing database more closely with Minnit Chat, more ways to limit the Minnit branding, the ability to instantly share files with users in your chat, and more. Stay tuned to twitter.com/MinnitChat for more information.

Next, we have several new free features:

* You can now endlessly scroll up to view older messages, either until the messages are gone (14-days on free tier), or until you reach a spot where a Moderator or higher used /clear. Now, you can see what happened while you were away, and easily catch up!

* Endless scrolling doesn’t stop there. This also applies to Direct Messages. Remember when your friend sent you that funny GIF? Just scroll up and find it again, and relive the memories. Direct Messages will be stored for 30 days, regardless of your tier.

* The old rank of “Administrator” is now renamed to “Manager”. Many users found it confusing that Admins did not have complete and total control. We’re always listening to user feedback. You can check out the discussion here.

Users with any questions can contact minnit.chat/support.

Happy chatting!