New Smiley Packs / Profile Upgrades

Hello again! Today, Minnit Chat just got even better with more advanced smilies and smilie customization, in the form of “Smiley Packs”. These are “packs” of extra smilies, hats, accessories, and, for the first time ever, facial hair, which will allow you to customize your smilies even more. We’ve come out with three unique packs: Fancy, Pirate, and Colors. Also, we’ve added more ways to enhance your Minnit Chat profile, with “Profile Upgrades”. You can add your top 8 best friends, or change the colors of your profile. Click Here to check out the shop and learn more.

Features are purchased using Coins. At the moment, coins are tied to your account, but we plan on adding the ability to transfer Coins to other users later on. If you would like to immediately transfer your Coins, please contact Minnit Support.

We plan on adding even more smiley packs and profile upgrades as time goes on, so be sure to follow our Twitter to stay up to date. Remember: While some smilies and upgrades are paid upgrades, Minnit Chat is and always will be a fast HTML5 chat that’s free to use and embed. Our core goal has not, and will not, change.

Jimdo – Free HTML5 Chatroom for your Jimdo website

Users who use Jimdo can improve their website and get returning visitors by using a free HTML5 chat group, embedded directly in to their Jimdo website. Using Minnit Chat, you can have a customizable HTML5 chatroom on your Jimdo site in just a few minutes!

Minnit Chat works on every modern device. If a user comes to your site on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, they will instantly be able to communicate with other users in real time. This makes Minnit a great chatroom for parenting sites, cooking sites, or any other site!

Step One – Sign Up for

Registration couldn’t be easier. All you need is a valid email address! Register by clicking here. After registration, you will be guided to creating your Minnit Chat. Mark that it’s for use on your website for best results.

Once you do this, click “Embed Your Chat”, and then select “Website that supports External IFrames”. For best results, put the Width to 300 and the Height to 500. Minnit Chat is easily scalable and works great, even for small sizes.

Step Two – Embedding On Your Jimdo Site

Once you have your Embed Code ready, go to your Jimdo site and edit the page you want your chat to be on.

Next, click the “…” to open “Advanced Options”, then click the </> icon to access the HTML Editor. Then, paste your Minnit Chat embed code.

Example GIF:

Then, click “Save”, and “Save” again.

Step Three – Chat Away!

That’s right, you’re all set to begin chatting with your visitors in real time. Upon saving your embedded code, your chatroom becomes fully operational. No further steps are needed.

If you have any further questions regarding this article, contact and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Your website is better with a Minnit Chat! See for full details and to get your free HTML5 chat code for Jimdo or any website/blog.