Minnit Chat — Spring 2024 Update

Hello everyone!

Today we are pleased to announce a major update to our product has gone out for Spring 2024.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Live Reactions are now available to more chatrooms. This new feature, which was released in January, is now available on all chatrooms on the Community tier; previously, this was only available on the Pro tier. This means more users are able to give their instant feedback with just a tap.
  • Chatrooms with message bubbles have been improved! We have adjusted the way message bubbles appear, including text size and colors.
  • GIFs are now larger! We have increased the GIF size, so you are able to read text on GIFs or make out the finer details without needing to tap to enlarge.
  • More rank shape added to the shop! We’ve added 11 new rank shapes for everybody, plus 2 more that are reserved for Boosters.
  • A variety of backend changes to keep the service running efficiently and securely, including upgrading internal packages and functions. While these won’t be noticed by you or your users, these changes help keep our service operational, like changing the oil in your car. 👨‍🔧

That’s all for today! Thank you to all chatroom owners for your continued support and feedback on our service. We’re hard at work on new features for later this year, and we’re excited to share more soon.

Happy chatting!