Minnit Chat — January 2024 Update

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve had a good start to 2024 so far. We’re happy to announce that our first major update to Minnit Chat is now available, full of new features and improvements.

Let’s dig in.


You can now set a status in the chat. Simply click your name, and click Change Status to set your status.

From here, you will see a list of statuses to choose from:

  • Away changes your icon to a clock, and shows “Away” under your rank, so others know you aren’t available. Once you begin interacting with the chatroom again, your Away status is removed, and you become Available again.
  • Busy prevents chatroom sounds from playing, and places a :no_entry: symbol on your photo. Users who click you will see the “Busy” text under your rank, so they know you may not reply.
  • Invisible hides you from the user list and shows you as Offline when others click your name.

Available, Away, and Busy will be available on all chatrooms, including Free. Invisible will remain Community and higher for the time being.

Live Reactions

Perfect for events, Live Reactions will allow you to rapidly fire off an emoji to show your support.

Chatroom owners can configure whether or not to enable this feature, as well as which emoji can be used — you can choose to keep it simple with hearts, thumbs up, and confetti poppers :tada:, or enable full faces like our “Lol” emoji or “Shocked” emoji.

Live Reactions will launch for Pro & Business tiers first, and will be brought to more chatrooms in a future update.

Boosting, Billed Annually

Users who are looking to Boost their favorite chat will soon have the option to be billed annually, rather than monthly. Boosting annually will provide a 10% discount per year compared to monthly billing.

Existing Boosters will be able to upgrade their existing subscription to Annual and get their previous payments pro-rated. :rocket:

New Emoji

Several new free emoji are also included in this update:

  • Thumbs Up is a simple hand giving a thumbs up 👍 — ideal for Live Reactions. Our previous thumbs up emoji has been renamed to Like.
  • Thumbs Down is a simple hand giving a thumbs down 👎. Our previous thumbs down emoji has been renamed to Dislike.
  • Applause is a simple image of hands clapping 👏.
  • Confetti is a new confetti-popping emoji 🎉.
  • Cute is a cute emoji resembling the text-based “:3” face.

And More!

Additional changes include:

  • User List will behave better in chatrooms with >500 users
  • The main menu of the Chat Settings will be re-organized into four sections instead of two
  • “Custom Branding Icon” will be re-named to “Custom Icon.” This feature also work on redesigned chatrooms, by popular demand

Thank you for reading — we hope you enjoy the update and continue enjoying the Minnit Chat service. We have more updates planned for later in the year, and we look forward to sharing more in the future!

Happy chatting!