Handling Spam

Minnit Chat has several safeguards in place to help protect your users from spam. That being said, it’s important to know what to do if a spambot gets through.

First thing you should do is to know not to respond to spammers or spambots. If they feel ignored, they will focus their resources elsewhere.

Now, let’s look at an example of spam:

Do you see that little “!” icon that the arrow is pointed to? This is the Report button! Click it to generate a transcript.

Now, you will see this screen:

Click “Report”, and type up a message:

For spam, you should report to both Minnit Staff and Chat Staff. Alert Chat Staff to check the Reports Menu to view reported transcripts. They can use this to ban the user right away from the chat.

When you report to Minnit Staff, we will investigate the report, usually within 2-3 business days, and take action as required. User reports are key in helping keep our anti-spam defenses strong.

Thank you for your help in keeping Minnit Chat spam-free!

Minnit Chat – New Features and Updates

Hello everyone! As chat owners, we know users might sometimes ask you for help with registration, or questions about the service. While many of you have read various documentation on the Wiki that can help you learn more about how Minnit operates, we wanted to take the time to explain some of the recent changes that have been made, as well as touch on some of the upcoming features.

Over the past week, the entire chat layout was re-designed to allow it to work better with larger backgrounds that take up the entirety of the chat. This feature was long requested, and we are pleased to deliver it to you. We’ve also made the chatroom slightly wider when used directly.

Second, Numrace was updated so the numbers being played are no longer shown to the entire chat. This will help keep things more fair.

Third, we added the ability to display colored scrollbars to users on Firefox and Microsoft Edge. These have always been applied in Google Chrome, but now the chat experience is consistent across even more browsers.

Now, for the upcoming features:

First, as always, more smilies are being worked on. We hope to have the Castle themed smiley pack out soon, which includes a crown, tiara, a dragon, and a smiley wielding a sword, as well as other smilies and features. Stay tuned to our Twitter to know when it releases!

Second, we are working hard behind the scenes to update the server code to make things faster and more secure. These changes won’t always be apparent, and we don’t publicly state every security update made, but rest assured, many things happen behind the scenes.

Third, we will be changing the layout of some of the pages to make them a bit easier to use. Don’t be surprised if you open a page and the design has changed! Don’t worry — none of the functionality will ever go away. We will always keep Minnit Chat as advanced and powerful as ever before.

Remember — if you ever have a suggestion or issue, contact us on the Support system!

We hope you enjoy the various updates.

– @brk