Introducing Bots

We are happy to announce that you can now get a Bot in your chat.

Premium Bots can automatically kick users who use words you block. If they keep it up, the bot will ban them. You can change the reasons for kicking & banning, how many warnings to give, and how long to ban. This makes the Bot great for moderating your chat while you’re away.

Of course, the bot is about more than just banning. The premium bot comes with Typerace, a brand new game where users must type a phrase as fast as possible. The bot then announces the winners; this makes for fun competition!

There are many new features available for free, as well: the bot can also help you keep track of who visits your chat with Auto Regular. You can choose to make all users who enter a Regular, or wait until they talk. You can even specify it to be registered users only, to help prevent duplicates.

Want even more? Ask the bot any question using the !8ball command, and it will answer. Or, it can help you choose by randomly selecting an option using !choose. Flip a coin with !coinflip. Calculate the likelihood of love using !lovetest. Count down to a date using !countdown. Slap a user with !slap. All of these commands are free to use.

You can see a full command list here. Of course, more commands and features will be added in the future, so stay tuned.

Visit your chat’s “Edit Chat” menu to get your bot set up!

How to grow your website using a live chat

One of the easiest ways to grow your website is by using a live group chat to talk with your visitors.

Here’s how it can help:

Keep your visitors returning
Visitors are probably coming to your website because they’re interested in the content you post.

Visitors who join can discuss the content you post with other users, and more importantly with you.

If you have a group chat and engage with visitors, they’ll probably return.

Some examples:

If you make a blog post, users on the chat could discuss the post with you and other users.

If you own a live radio that plays music, you can take requests in the chat and have a general discussion.

Building a community is really important and keeps your visitors returning.

Get feedback

Having a live chat makes it really easy to get feedback from users.

Not everyone is going to provide feedback without asking. You’ll find that if a visitor enjoys your content and you ask them for feedback, they’ll happily provide it.

Once you build a relationship with these visitors, if there is any issues on your website (e.g. errors, broken features) they will be the first let you know.

I experienced this firsthand with Minnit. I owned websites before, and when there were errors I had no idea until I discovered it myself.

But with Minnit, users let me know immediately when they encounter issues or if they have any suggestions.

It’s important that once you get feedback, you actively try to address it.

Showing users that you care about their feedback is key to keeping them happy and having them return to your website.

Get more exposure

If you use Minnit for your chat, your chat can be featured on our lists.

Other users often look at chat listings for new chats, so you’ll get new visitors on your chat. If you provide the website URL and website description on your Minnit Chat, users might click it and visit your site.

Minnit offers a free embeddable HTML5 chat. Register now and give it a try. Embed by just copying and pasting a few lines of code.