Silent Banning

Hello everyone! 👋 Community chats are now able to use the new “Silent Ban” feature. Silent banning is different from regular banning, in that the banned user will not be made aware of the fact that they’re banned. This is done through a variety of measures: Enjoy! Jesse

Notifications 🔔

Hello everyone. Today, Minnit is proud to announce that Notifications are now live! Notifications make it easy to be made aware of new things happening on Minnit, even when you’re not online. Notifications will be delivered directly to your device, just like the apps and programs you already use every day — no installations required.… Continue reading Notifications 🔔

Autoplaying Radio

Hello everyone. We’ve added a way for radio stations to autoplay when the user interacts with the chatroom. Interacting includes clicking, tapping, or typing in the chat. If your chatroom is an Organization… Head to Chat Settings -> Radio & Music, then check the new “Automatically Play the Radio?” box, or use the search for… Continue reading Autoplaying Radio