Notifications πŸ””

Hello everyone.

Today, Minnit is proud to announce that Notifications are now live! Notifications make it easy to be made aware of new things happening on Minnit, even when you’re not online. Notifications will be delivered directly to your device, just like the apps and programs you already use every day β€” no installations required.

There are four types of notifications you can enable:

Main Chat Messages β€” get notified when users send messages in the main chat. To prevent a large volume of notifications going out beyond the user limit, only chatrooms on the Basic tier and up can use main chat notifications, and users must be a Regular or higher.

Direct Messages β€” get notified when users send you a direct message in the chat. This is available for all users and all chat tiers.

Chat Reports β€” get notified when users report media or transcripts to you. Only Moderators and higher may enable these notifications.

Accounts Pending Approval β€” get notified when a new user signs up to your Organization, if you require accounts to be approved.

To get started, simply click your name in the chat, and click Manage Notifications. Don’t see it? Make sure you’re registered in the chat, and the device you’re using supports notifications β€” see below for how to get this working with iOS.

Next, select the type of notifications you wish to subscribe to. Then approve the request shown by your browser, and you’re good to go!

Owners are able to navigate to the Chat Settings to ensure that notifications always go to their website, rather than to the Minnit Chat page. Please take the time to configure this to ensure users end up at the right spot if they choose to enable notifications.

If you are on iOS (iPhone, iPad), notifications will be arriving in the upcoming iOS 16.4 release. This requires you to utilize Safari’s “Add To Home Screen” feature first. When you’re connected to the chat directly, or via a PWA that embeds the chat, go to the Share button and select “Add to Home Screen.” This will add a new icon to your home screen that functions similarly to an app. Once you access the chat through that and login, you’ll be able to set up Notifications with Minnit. This extra step is a requirement by Apple and is outside our control β€”see this page for details.

For all other devices, notifications will work using any modern browser, whether you’re on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android.