Autoplaying Radio

Hello everyone.

We’ve added a way for radio stations to autoplay when the user interacts with the chatroom. Interacting includes clicking, tapping, or typing in the chat.

If your chatroom is an Organization… Head to Chat Settings -> Radio & Music, then check the new “Automatically Play the Radio?” box, or use the search for keyword “autoplay”.

If your chatroom is not an Organization… Update your embed code to include &autoplay in the URL, e.g.

This difference is necessary to prevent owners from being able to grab IP Addresses of Minnit accounts without their consent, so we can comply with GDPR regulations. Organizations, as the data controller, always have access to IP Addresses, and thus they are able to have the standalone Chat Setting.

When autoplay is enabled… Users will not hear anything until they interact with the chat. This is a policy that is set by all major browsers, and is not something that Minnit is able to bypass. Once they interact with the chat, the radio will begin playing.

We recommend leaving this setting disabled if you have another player higher up on your website, to prevent the user from accidentally being tuned in twice, which would result in unwanted echoing.

Autoplay is available on all payment tiers, including Free.

And, speaking of radios… Be sure to check out the shop to get some new Radio-themed emoji! This new collection of emoji has just been released, and is perfect for any and all radio hosts/DJs.