New Emoji & New Boost Perks

Hello everyone. 👋

Over the past few weeks, we have been rolling out our recently redesigned emoji to various chatrooms. As of today, we’re pleased to announce that the new emoji are now official, across the board! 👏

New items have also been added to our shop, and will be added with more frequency. Check out the shop to see what’s new.

Furthermore, users who are part of an Organization can link their account to their Minnit account, and synchronize their purchased content between systems. This way, users who’ve purchased rank shapes or emoji content on Minnit are able to use them on Organizations as well.

And finally, there’s a new way to get coins: Boosting a chat! 🚀

Each time a boost is charged, you will receive 100 coins. So if you have 2 boosts stay active for 3 months, you will receive 600 coins. And, now that coins and purchased items can be shared with the Organization, there’s an even larger incentive to keep boosting and support the chat.

We have also automatically added 100 coins per boost payment for every person who’s already boosted, whether their subscription is still active or not. Check the shop to see your new balance, and check out our offerings to see what you’d like to buy! 👍

That’s all for today. We hope you enjoy the new emoji design — this was certainly a long-time coming. Makes you wonder if other parts of Minnit will soon receive a new design…? 😉

Happy chatting!