Boost-exclusive shop items have arrived! 🚀

Hello everyone.

One year ago, we launched the ability for users to Boost your chat. This allows your community to help pitch in and fund your chatroom, and, in return, get some cool perks, such as the ability to upload their own emoji, an animated rocket rank shape, guaranteed access to connect to the chat regardless of number of users online, and more.

More recently, we’ve also given users who boost 100 coins each time a boost is charged. This adds up the more a user boosts — for instance, if a user is paying for two boosts, they get 200 coins per month. Three boosts, 300 coins per month. You get the idea.

And today, we’re proud to announce that boosters get even more perks: The shop now has a Booster-exclusive category, where boosters can purchase two new features.

The first one is Slap, which allows one user to slap another.

Despite the name, slapping a user is actually harmless. The message will be shown in the main chat, similar to a kick, and… Nothing else! Just a fun way to mess with your friends and other members of your community. Boosters who purchase this can slap users who are of the same rank or lower — so Owners, you’re safe. 😉

The second one is the Heading Markdown. Simply start the first line of your message with “#” followed by a space, e.g. “# Hello Chat” becomes…

This will help boosters feel encouraged to continue helping support the chat, so they can earn coins and use these new features, reserved just for them.

To celebrate, we’re also offering boosts for 50% off for first month! Just use code HALFOFF on the checkout screen and the discount will apply.