Minnit Chat – March 2020 Update

Hello everyone!

Today, we are pleased to announce a new update for Minnit Chat thanks to a ton of great feedback from Owners. While this update is a bit smaller than others due to us being hard at work on Organizations (which will support OAuth 2/SAML 2 and many other new stuff), we still wanted to work to make the service even better with some requested functionality and quality-of-life improvements.

First off: “Disable Functions” is a new suite of options to quickly disable various functions of the chat, depending on your payment plan. The options allow you to do the following:

Basic plan or higher can:

  • Disable user photos / avatars.
  • Disable Direct Messages
  • Disable nicknames

Community plan or higher can:

  • Disable the ability to add friends/view your Friends List
  • Disable the “View Profile” links
  • Disable the user list
  • Disable the display of @usernames

Pro plan or higher can:

  • Disable the ability to add users to “ignore”
  • Disable default Minnit emoji, such as (wink) or (dance). Since Pro chats can upload up to 100 JPGs/PNGs/GIFs as emoji, this is a great way to design your very own for use in the chat!
  • Disable any references to logging in/registering.

You can access these toggles here, assuming your chat is on a premium plan.

Next up, chatrooms on Pro plan are now able to change the texts of the chat directly. For instance, if you want to change the button that says “Direct Message” to “Instant Message”, you are able to do that. If you want to change the name of the Manager rank to “Supermod”, you can do that, too. Almost every single English string in the chat can be changed. You can see this by going to the “Custom Texts” section in the Chat Settings menu, assuming you’re on the Pro plan or Trial.

Finally, we’ve made a few smaller changes to other functions, such as clearing messages, so they are stored more efficiently and will result in much faster connections for chats that have lots of old messages. Other minor bug fixes and changes were made, as well.

That’s all for now! As mentioned, this is a relatively minor update, but we hope you enjoy it.

Happy chatting!