Hello everyone.

We have just released our API for Organizations. Our API makes it easy to deploy and remove chatrooms, with a simple request from your server to ours.

Currently, you are able to send messages, create new chats, copy chats, delete chats, and even set the pinned notice within chats. Additionally, you’re able to generate a “Manager Key” so you can easily pass along a special parameter for users you want to be able to manage the chat. This makes Minnit great if you need a chatroom for a self-service livestream or event website, where users might need a chatroom to be quickly spun up on the fly and be ranked within it.

Setting pinned notices allows you to set up a scheduler to unveil news, countdown for events, and more, all handled on the backend.

APIs are available to every Organization on the Business tier.

Read our documentation to learn more, or get started right away by creating your Organization.

Happy chatting!