Custom Domains just got better

Since the launch of Custom Domains in January, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback.

Custom Domains solve third party cookie issues, which makes the user experience a lot smoother.

With some configuration on the Organization Settings backend, and waiting for responses from your DNS registrar, Owners could get Custom Domains up and running in about five minutes.

However, Minnit always pushes to make it easy for Owners to get started, and easy for users to start chatting — so, we wanted to make this experience even better.

Starting today, when you set up a Custom Domain, you just need to add one CNAME record.

For example, if you’re adding as your custom domain, you only need to add this record:


After adding this record, it takes roughly one minute for your domain ownership to be verified, and the SSL certificate to be issued for your domain.

Once that’s done, you, and your users, can begin chatting using your Custom Domain!

Custom Domains are available on all paid plans.

Basic, Community and Pro all include one Custom Domain, and the Business plan includes five Custom Domains.

You can also purchase additional custom domains at $5 USD per extra domain.

Read more about setting up a Custom Domain here.

If you have any questions about setting this up, or want to provide any additional feedback, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Happy chatting!