“Verified” Badge & Second Free Trials

Hello everyone.

Today, we’ve released a new feature for Organizations that allows you to apply a “Verified” badge to users of your Organization. This is great if you have a guest speaker or someone else of importance, but you might not necessarily want them to have Moderation powers in the chat, or you still want your existing Moderators to outrank them. The Verified badge will help them stand out from the crowd in all chatrooms of your Organization, without receiving any additional permissions.

The Verified badge appears in all of their messages, as well as the user list:


You can set this up using the “Manage Account” menu. Other users of your Organization with “Can Access Manage Accounts” permission are also able to grant, or revoke, the Verified badge.

To reduce the likelihood for abuse, this is only available on the Basic plan or higher.

However, if you’re on the Free tier and want to give the Verified badge a try, worry not — we’re offering a second chance for a 1-week Free trial, for all Organizations! Since launching Organizations, we’ve released lots of great new features, including better integration with our WordPress Plugin, support for logging in with social media providers, support for custom domains, and tons of other changes, tweaks, and improvements.

If you’re still on the Free tier, click here to get a second Free trial of Minnit’s premium features. Simply select your Organization from this page to apply the trial.

If you have any feedback about the new features, or new suggestions for features, feel free to post them on our new Community Forum!

Happy chatting!