Minnit Chat – Missed Connections

Hello everyone.

We’re slowly rolling out a new version of the chat which greatly improve the way connections, and disconnections, are handled.

With the old version of the chat, when a connection is dropped or otherwise disrupted, the chat would say “You have been disconnected” and then wait a few seconds before attempting to re-connect. This interfered with the flow of the conversation, and many have requested we make connections more reliable.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot control whether or not users are able to maintain a connection. There are many factors in play, including tabs you aren’t using going to “sleep” more often when you’re on a battery-powered device (an un-plugged laptop or tablet), unstable Wi-Fi connections, or switching between LTE/5G and Wi-Fi and back again.

To address this, the new version of the chat will no longer disrupt you by having to re-connect. Instead, users who lose their connection will instantly begin re-connecting in the background. During this time, users will still be able to send and read messages, and, when the connection is re-established, their sent messages will go to the server for all to read, and any messages they missed will be delivered without skipping a beat.

This change will help make Minnit more enjoyable, even for users with unstable connections. We plan on rolling these changes out to all chats within a week.

If you have any questions or comments about this update, or about anything else related to Minnit, contact us at https://minnit.chat/support — we’re always happy to talk with owners about how to make the service more enjoyable.

Happy chatting!