Celebrate Minnit’s Third Birthday with our July 2020 Update!

A few weeks ago, Minnit celebrated its third birthday! 🎉

I’m pleased to announce that our July 2020 update has just been released. Here is what it’s available.

Message Reactions

You are now able to react to messages in the chat. First, this setting must be enabled at https://minnit.chat/chatsettings?page=reactions

Once enabled and you add emoji, then, upon mousing over a message in the chat, or tapping + holding on mobile, you will see the “Add Reaction” button. You can then select a reaction to give to the message.

By default, chatrooms on the Basic plan are allowed to configure up to 2 reactions, chatrooms on the Community plan are allowed to configure up to 5 reactions, and chatrooms on the Pro plan are allowed to configure up to 15 reactions. However, to help celebrate Minnit’s birthday, we’re allowing all Free/Basic chats to configure up to 5 reactions until August 1st, 2020. Enjoy!

Changes to IP Viewing Functionality

Previously, IP Viewing was limited to Community or Pro plans. However, as of today, it is now available to Free and Basic as well, with the following changes:

  1. Viewing IP Addresses is available to all chats, regardless of payment plan (including Free tier)
  2. The IP sharing notice is present even on embedded chats. If you’re on Basic or higher, you are able to disable it for embeds.
  3. If you’re on Community or higher, you’re able to see the estimated Geo IP location data, see if other accounts spoke on that IP, and see whether the IP is a suspected VPN/proxy or not.
  4. If you’re on Pro plan, you’re able to block suspected VPNs/proxies from connecting.

You are able to set up the options and read more here: http://minnit.chat/chatsettings?page=ipaddresses

Gifting Coins

We have added a way for you to gift some of your coins to another user, using this page: https://minnit.chat/giftcoins

Although the page is a bit simple (for now), it will allow your friends to buy upgraded emoji hats/accessories, rank shapes, and more.

We plan on adding even more emoji goods that can be used with Minnit Coins in the future, stay tuned!

Our COVID19 Commitment, Extended

As announced on our Twitter, the ability for chats on the Free tier to have up to 100 users has been extended to September 1st, 2020. We previously said that it would end on August 1st, but we wanted to extend it further. While the increase to 100 users has resulted in the need for a much more powerful server (& thus, higher costs), it’s important to us that everyone has an easy solution for keeping their operations digital during the COVID19 pandemic.

The Rest of 2020

We’re still hard at work every day working on new features for Minnit, answering support tickets + emails, working on bug fixes, and more. If you’d ever like to talk to us directly, feel free to open up a Support ticket and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or give you details on upcoming projects.

Whether you’ve provided feedback in the past, or just used the service & have been content with everything, thank you all very much for an incredible 3 years so far. Here’s to many more!