An improved embed experience

Hello everyone.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Minnit’s embed experience is now even better for Organizations.

Whether you embed Minnit onto your website directly, or you use our WordPress chat plugin, the embed method now utilizes LocalStorage to remember your user’s account variables, and then sends the variables to the chat iframe.

This way, browsers with third-party cookies disabled can still have user’s information stored. This will also remove the need for users to manually click a link to join the chatroom, and will allow them to automatically log in to their accounts, even with third party cookies disabled.

Owners have expressed annoyance with users who have third-party cookies disabled being unable to stay logged in, or frequently losing their nicknames. So we set out to re-imagine how logging in works from the ground-up; and now, with this update, the third-party cookie issues will be no more.

Since the LocalStorage values are tied to your domain, we are only able to offer this on our Organizations service, since you act as the data controller for those accounts. Non-Organization chatrooms will still use the old iframe code.

If you own an Organization, and your website setup allows you to use <script> tags, we highly recommend you go through the steps to embed the chatroom again, or update your WordPress plugin to the latest version.

Developers: Our LocalStorage keys all begin with “minnit” — there should be no interference with any other implementation of LocalStorage you may be using. If you do utilize “minnit” for any of your LocalStorage keys, we recommend you change this.

Happy chatting!