Minnit Chat — All of our updates for July 2023!

Hello everyone.

This has been quite the month for Minnit! We’ve deployed many new and exciting updates for our users to help make the chatting experience for you and your users even better. I wanted to go over all of the features outlined on our social media, and also discuss a few new features and changes as well.

We started the month by rolling out our new redesigned chatroom. This redesign has been in the making for a long time, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to deploy it to thousands of chatrooms, with more to come in the coming weeks. The redesigned chatroom works better on mobile displays, where a majority of users are chatting, and provides a more modern and familiar interface for your users.

We also completely revamped GIFs and uploads. Now, when a users sends a GIF or uploads an image, they will display more smoothly without the message needing to resize. GIFs can also be sent independently of the “Who can send URLs?” setting, so you can block users from sending external links while still allowing them to freely use GIFs. GIF search queries can be longer as well, from 20 charcters to 50.

We’ve also made it possible to find older conversations you’ve had, using the redesigned chat. Simply change “Recent Conversations” to “All Conversations” to see Direct Messages you’ve sent or received in the past, so you can follow up on prior discussions.

Additionally, you can now connect to the chatroom on multiple devices or tab at once. This way, if you have the chatroom embedded on two or three pages on your site, users won’t constantly be kicked out as they navigate. With this change, we’ve changed our pricing page to specify that you are billed by connections, as opposed to users — so if you’re on the Basic tier to have 250 connections, and a user is connected twice, that means you have 248 connections remaining. The user list will let you know how many total connections are being used in that channel, and you can click the notice to view a full list of users who are using more than one connection, and how many they are using. If users are intentionally hogging up connections to fill up your chat, simply kicking or banning them will reduce their connections to 0 at once.

Finally, since chat accent colors play a larger role in the redesigned chat, we want to make sure all chatrooms can take advantage of this feature. As such, the free tier is now allowed to set chat accent colors without upgrading. This allows every chat — free or not — to better customize their chatroom. The upload limit for the free tier has also been adjusted to a shared limit of 100MB per month, and up to 20 simultaneous connections at once.

That’s all for this month. We’ll continue working and improving on the chat in the coming weeks and beyond, and slowly rolling out the new design to more and more chats. We’re far from slowing down — in the coming months, we’ll have even more exciting news to share. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know!

Happy chatting!