Minnit’s re-write is ready to Go

Hello everyone.

As our service continues to expand and grow, we are always looking at ways of improving both the user-facing experience, as well as the backend experience, to ensure we remain the best chat solution for websites. Today, we have released an update to Minnit Chat that ports the entire chat server’s backend language from Node.js to Go.

Go is a rapidly maturing programming language, first released in 2009, making it relatively young by language standards. Porting Minnit’s backend chat server code — which handle things like sending and receiving messages, banning users, approving messages, and the like — is no simple task. But, by doing this, we are able to keep Minnit running modern and easily-maintained code, which makes development of new features even easier.

While this is a large update as far as code goes, chatroom users and owners should not notice any significant differences. We spruced up a few bugs and inconsistencies as we were going through the old code, but, for the most part, your chatting experience will remain unchanged.

Happy chatting!