New server & chat updates!

Hello, everyone.

Minnit is continuously growing every day, and to that, we saw thank you to everyone! From our beginnings in summer of 2017, to now in 2020, things have been chugging along very rapidly. With that, of course, comes a much-needed server upgrade.

For the technologically inclined: Our new server has 3 times as much CPU+memory, as well as improved caching abilities. This means that we can deliver a faster flow from loading the page (embedded or directly) to the chat showing up. As a result, all of the user information is now being delivered upon a successful connection being established, rather than in the HTML itself. Finally, the new server’s websockets setup should result in more stable connections.

For the technologically uninclined: The site runs better. 🙂

While getting things ready for the new hosting provider, we also whipped up a new function for Community plan and higher, due to many requests from owners: Customizable nickname colors! Many users enjoy the existing customizable message colors, so being able to customize your nickname was the next logical step. To set this up in your chat, go to the User Personalization section of the Chat Settings page, and set the minimum rank you want to be able to set a color. Once set, all the user has to do is click their name and click “Change Nickname Color,” and they’re all set!

I hope everyone enjoys the new server! As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to our support center and we’ll be happy to help out.

Happy chatting!