WordPress Plugin – Version 2.0.0 now live!

Hello, everyone! Today I am pleased to announce that Version 2.0.0 of our WordPress Plugin is now live.

The new version greatly overhauls the backend code to make the admin settings run more efficiently. This version also introduces the ability to add a chat to a single post or page using the plug-in, via the new WordPress post editor.

To put the chat on a single post or page, simply create a new Block in the editor, and scroll down to “Embeds”. You will see Minnit Chat available as an option. Click it, enter your chat name or URL, and, once you preview or publish your post, your chat will be viewable by anyone who’s on the post or page. This has been a much-requested feature, thank you to everyone for your feedback.

To get started with Minnit Chat’s all-new plugin, click here.

Happy chatting!