New: Set a Pinned Notice in your Chat

Hello everyone.

We have now added the ability to set a pinned notice in your chat for chatrooms on the Pro or Business tier. Pinned notices can be used to inform all users of important information in real-time. For instance, if your livestream is having issues, a speaker will be joining later, or other noteworthy information that should be seen by all.

To set a notice, simply click the menu button above the text box, and click “Set Pinned Notice”. You will then see a screen that looks like this:

Once set, it will appear pinned at the top of the chat for all to see:

Just like messages, any links inputted will automatically be parsed and clickable. You can use this to inform users of important pages to view on your site, or direct them to any other external content.

To configure who can set notices, go to Chat Settings, and scroll down to Set Pinned Notices. By default, only owners can set notices, but you can also allow managers and moderators to set them as well.

Happy chatting!