You’ve got mail! Email Notifications are here πŸ“«

Hello everyone!

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Email Notifications are now available. Just like Push Notifications released earlier this year, Email Notifications will ensure you never miss a message. You can set up the following notification types:

  • Main Chat Messages β€” get notified when users send messages in the main chat. To prevent a large volume of notifications going out beyond the user limit, only chatrooms on the Basic tier and up can use main chat notifications, and users must be a Regular or higher.
  • Direct Messages β€” get notified when users send you a direct message in the chat. This is available for all users and all chat tiers.
  • Chat Reports β€” get notified when users report media or transcripts to you. Only Moderators and higher may enable these notifications.
  • Accounts Pending Approval β€” get notified when a new user signs up to your Organization, if you require accounts to be approved.

Notifications are easy to setup. Click the Gear icon in the chat, then click Notifications. You can then configure which type of notifications you’d like to receive, and whether you’d like Email, Push, or Both.

Email notifications ensure that, even if you’re away from your chatroom, you can be notified on any device when a user sends a message. This helps make Minnit a great chatroom for your website, blog, side-project, small business, Shopify store, and more. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial and get started β€” no credit card required β€” and make use of Email Notifications with our easy and lightweight group chat.

Notifications will help ensure you can stay connected to your users, even while you’re not actively viewing your website.

We hope you enjoy!