I Love You 30,000

Hello everyone, and happy June! My name is Jesse, one of the founders, developers, and administrators of Minnit Chat, here to share some good news.

I am pleased to announce that earlier today, Minnit Chat officially hit 30,000 registered accounts. This is an amazing milestone, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Whether you’re brand new, or you’ve been with us since 2017, we’ve been so grateful to have such valuable feedback, and so many people enjoy the service.

Since June marks the 30,000 milestone, as well as later in the month marking the 2 year anniversary of Minnit LTD being incorporated, I figured it’d be nice to update you all on what’s new behind-the-scenes with Minnit — especially since things have been a bit quiet on our social media.

2019 has been amazing year for Minnit. We hit about 800,000 unique visitors in the past month. Our Alexa Site Ranking puts us in the top 400,000 sites worldwide — in 2018, we weren’t even in the first million. And through it all, our goal has been the same: to provide a great chat experience, provide fast and friendly customer support, and work on awesome new features, in that order.

That in mind, we would like to say that new features are still underway. They take time, and lots of testing, to get right. And of course, with things like database upgrades, discussing new server structures, and ensuring that questions are answered in a timely fashion, these things can sometimes take longer than anticipated. But rest assured, we’re still working hard — for instance, I myself am working on an update which contains several improvements, bug fixes, and new features. One of the features is the ability for chatroom owners to require messages to be pre-approved before they show up publicly. This feature will be great for radio stations that want to hold quick Q&As, webinars that want only relevant messages to appear, and teachers who want a way to quickly take questions for their online courses.

I’ll have more to share about this update in another week or two, once it’s finished the testing stages. Stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook pages for details.

And, as always… happy chatting! 🙂
Jesse @brk