Minnit Chat – March 2019 update

We are pleased to announce a new update to Minnit Chat has just released.

Here is a list of new features, bug fixes, and other changes that are included in this update:

  • When banning a user, if you have the “Delete Messages” permission for your rank, you’ll see a new checkbox to “Delete Messages by User”. So if someobdy spams your chat, you’re able to immediately erase all of their messages at once, and only those with the proper rank will be allowed to view them. This will help save time cleaning up spam or other unwanted content.

  • When receiving new DMs, a “New Message” indicator will appear above the new messages, so you can immediately tell which ones are new, and which ones you’ve already seen. The indicator will go away when you begin typing, or when you switch to another conversation, to avoid confusion.

  • The maximum length for a message can now be adjusted by the owners, instead of always at 1,000 characters. Owners can change this by going into “Edit Chat” -> “General Settings”. Free chats can set their maximum message length anywhere from 250-1,000 characters. If you’re on the Basic plan, you’re able to go to 2,000 characters per message. Community plan is 4,000 characters per message. Pro plan can be set up to 10,000 characters per message.

  • If you’re on the Community chat tier or higher, you’re able to enable Invisible mode. Click your name and click “Enable Invisible” to hide in the user list. You’re still able to talk and moderate the chatroom. By default, this is only available to Owners, but you can configure this to Managers/Moderators in the Chat Settings->Rank Permissions and Bans.

  • Friends List will now always show the current username/nickname/photo that the friend is using, instead of what they were using when you added them.

  • Bot Commands are no longer case sensitive. You can now type !8BALL, for instance, instead of just !8ball

  • Custom links now work if there are punctuation marks afterwards. For instance, if you have “website” set as a custom link, you can type “Who likes my website?”, and the question mark won’t interfere with the link.

  • More words for the Guest Nickname generator, to reduce the possibility of duplicates.

  • Various backend changes to make Minnit run more efficiently.


Jesse @brk