Minnit Chat – August 2019 Update: New Features & Changes

Hello, everyone.

Today, I am pleased to announce the August 2019 update for Minnit Chat is now live. Let’s run through what’s new!

Chats on the Community plan and higher may now Pre-Approve messages

While many chatrooms are designed for instant conversation, some prefer to use it as a way to host live Q&As. For these chats, you are able to set messages to require pre-approval, so they will no longer appear immediately.

Here’s how it works:

As you can see from the GIF, I asked a question, and Gavin was able to respond. However, his message was not put into the public chat until I went to the Unapproved Messages section and clicked Approve.

This will make it much easier to host webinars, Q&A sessions, and use the chatroom to communicate with students. Trolls will give way once they learn that their messages won’t affect the general public.

You are able to enable this feature via Chat Settings, if your chat is on the Community plan or higher. You can also change who is allowed to speak freely without pre-approval, in case you want to make users a Regular if they’re trustworthy, and manually approve Visitors.

You can also change who is allowed to approve messages, in case you want to limit it to Managers or higher.

Making ranks is easier than ever.

Adding additional owners used to only be possible via Chat Settings. This update allows you to manage ranks much more easily just by clicking their name, with a new design:

Note, only the person who created the chat is able to add or remove additional Owners. Furthermore, only the person who created the chat is able to delete the chat.

Those two limitations aside, all other settings are available to your new owners, including full access to the Chat Settings menus. Only grant ownership to users whom you fully trust.

This is available on all chats, regardless of your payment plan.

More perks for plans.

Due to user feedback, we are adding more perks to our payment plans across the board.

Previously, chats on Community plan and higher could upload up to 10 custom emoji. This is now raised to 30 custom emoji.

Chats on the Pro plan could previously upload 30 custom emoji. This is now raised to 100.

Chats on the Community plan used to be allowed 8 CSS Assets. This limit is now 20.

Chats on Pro plan used to be allowed 16 CSS assets, but now it’s raised to 80.

We appreciate everybody who has discussed their chat needs with us, as they help us shape Minnit to be the best possible service it can be.

Other Minor Improvements

A few other changes are included in this update: The guest photos are more randomized and won’t lean so heavily towards green; the Support System now allows file uploads; User Lookup is improved and will always return proper rank; better anti-spammer detection; Chat Settings now contains more information on your chat, including your Maximum Simultaneous User count; and various server updates, both major & minor, to improve stability and ensure Minnit operates as smoothly as possible.

What’s Next?

We’re still hard at work on Organizations, revamping the Emoji, and making other improvements to the service. We take our time to make sure that updates are able to be fully tested, and include many changes in a single update, to ensure minimal interruptions to the service. Thank you for your patience & understanding.

And, until next time… Happy chatting!