Minnit Chat: Organizations — More Info

Hello everybody! We hope you’re all having a great new year. This is a general update on what’s going on with Minnit Chat, specifically as it relates to our Organizations feature. As mentioned in our About Page, we are proud of the fact that all of our revenue comes from our chat owners. As such, we feel it’s important to keep all owners in-the-know about ongoing developments.

As we announced in 2019, we are working on a new feature, dubbed “Organizations”. Organizations will allow you to maintain a completely separate account system from the rest of Minnit, including Single Sign-On support, any username you or your users want, and so forth. As stated before, this is not replacing the existing chat configuration, so if you have no interest in any of the advanced features that come with Organizations, you don’t have to read any further.

Since our blog post, we’ve been hard at work ever since to make sure it’s a smooth launch. We really wanted to get it done by late 2019, however, we’ve had significant delays due to one of the two developers not being able to work full time on Minnit due to outside circumstances. But now we’re back on track, with many features done, and we hope to have it out later this Winter.

Here are some details on the features that will be available at launch:

For Basic plan and higher:

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • White label support
  • Additional control over requirements to register, including requiring activated emails or no emails at all, minimum/maximum username lengths, and whether users should fill out a CAPTCHA
  • Ability for owners to edit usernames/emails freely
  • Ability to see the number of Monthly Active Users

For Community plan and higher:

  • All of the features outlined above for Basic
  • Single Sign On support for your existing website or blog — rather than requiring users to sign up via the Minnit page, they can use your existing website setup. Username, profile photos, and emails will automatically be carried over, without requiring them to remember an additional password.
  • Ability to see IP Addresses and geo location information on accounts
  • Ability to customize the chat and page CSS — stylize various pages, like login, profile, changepassword, or accountsettings to your liking.

For Pro plan and higher:

  • All of the features outlined above for Basic / Community
  • The ability for chat staff to view Direct Messages even without users generating a transcript

We’ll have more information to share, including screenshots, in the coming weeks.

Thank you!
Minnit Staff