Minnit Chat’s major overhaul is now live!

Minnit’s overhaul is now live. Every page has been re-coded in a new language, the entire chatroom has been re-designed, and more.

A few things you might notice, is that photos you upload will now be much higher quality. The mobile version of the chat has also been completely redone from the ground-up. And we’ve made features more clear — instead of a bunch of icons, many of the items are now in the menu button, with clear text labeling. A lot of this couldn’t have been done without the suggestions and support from everyone who’s used Minnit thus far, so we thank you sincerely.

There are many other performance improvements under the hood, so we hope you like everything!

And be sure to check out forum.minnit.chat if you have any suggestions

  • Better chat listings

More chats are now shown on the homepage when logged in, and on the discover page. Pages are included so you can see all of the featured/popular chats.

  • Improved image quality

Avatars and backgrounds will be compressed much less when uploaded, so your images will look better than ever. If you’ve already uploaded an image, you’ll need to reupload it so that it will be stored and shown in the higher quality.

  • Forum added

We’ve added a brand new forum: forum.minnit.chat for you to post suggestions, promote your chat or just discuss any topic.

You’ll need to register a forum account before you can post.

We’ll be looking closely at the forum for suggestions on what to add next, so be sure to post there if you have any ideas!

  • More payment methods added

A new payment method has been added to buy coins:

PaymentWall – Prepaid cards, bank transfers and more. Different payment methods will be shown depending on your location.

Edit: This payment method has been removed, however we have plans in the future to replace it with a new payment provider that offers even more payment methods.

Coins allow you to purchase smiley packs, chat upgrades and profile upgrades.

  • Ranks list added to Edit Chat

Simply go to edit chat and click on “Ranks List” and you’ll be able to add, remove or change ranks for any of the users on your chat.

  • Users can now register or create a chat with any name (bad words were previously blocked). Note that names that break the terms of service can result in your account being deleted.
  • Users can now login by entering their email address instead of their username
  • You can now see how many coins you have when you click on your name (this automatically updates if you buy coins or buy something from the shop)
  • If your account has an email address attached to it and it is activated, password changes will now send a notification email.
  • !urban free command added to bot which provides a definition of a word or phrase from urbandictionary.com
  • Fixed several bugs preventing the table in action log and transcripts from being displayed properly
  • General changes in wording across many pages (register, homepage) to make things more clear
  • Improved disconnection handling for the bot. If the bot’s disconnects from your chat because of network problems, the bot will try to rejoin your chat.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability updates