Allow users to create chatrooms on your Organization

As shown on our Pricing page, Organizations each come with a number of included chatrooms they may create. We have recently raised this limit across the board, and, to celebrate, we are now making it easier for Organization owners to choose who can, and cannot, create chatrooms.

When using your Organization’s “Manage Accounts” menu, you can now check a new box when editing a user’s account: “Can Create Chatrooms”.

Demonstration of the option

This new checkbox will allow the user to see the “Create Chat” option in the navigational bar, and be able to make a new chatroom within your Organization. This way, you can let your members create chatrooms for temporary reasons, and then delete them when they’re done to free up room for more chats.

As the Organization owner, you’ll be able to oversee and manage these chatrooms, even if they weren’t created by you.

This new feature will allow your users to utilize Minnit’s easy-to-create & easy-to-manage chatroom software, all under your own branding.

Please note: The old “Can Create/Edit/Delete All Chatrooms” function has been deprecated. Users who previously had this permission on your Organization will instead always be ranked Owner in all chats & receive the new, standalone “Can Create Chatrooms” option. You are able to change these individually using the Manage Accounts menu.

We have lots of new features underway — as always, you can stay up to date by following our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Happy chatting!