Holiday update from Minnit Chat!

This is a post from @brk, one of the founders of Minnit Chat

I would like to thank everyone for helping make Minnit Chat better, with various suggestions and feedback. I wanted to take the time to explain what’s been going on behind the scenes.

First off, Minnit Chat is exiting its “beta phase” in the coming months. We are re-doing a lot of pages, moving away from PHP to a more fast & secure language, so that’s taking a lot of time. I, personally, enjoy trying to find glitches and hacks in other websites, so believe me when I say that we are always making sure Minnit Chat is above the pack, and better than ever.

Now, obviously this takes time, and, while we’re getting very close, there’s still stuff to be done. Just hang tight. Afterwards, I hope to work on re-designing some aspects of the chat, making mobile & web versions more similar, so it’s less confusing for our users to go from one device to another. Stay tuned for that in 2018.

Furthermore, on a more personal level, I have been having health problems, so I’m sorry I haven’t been around to speak to people quite so much. My time on Minnit is spent more on the security upgrades, and less on fun stuff like Smilies. Don’t worry — I, as well as @WYW, know that everybody loves the smilies, so we haven’t forgotten about you.

Speaking of Smilies: (snowman) and (grinch) were added today, and a Santa hat can be added to your smilies via the Smiley Maker. These are all free to use, to help you celebrate Christmas right.

Chat owners — if you ever have questions or suggestions, send it in to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer. We’re always working alongside you to make sure everything works just as you want.

Thanks again, and have a Merry Christmas!!!

Handling Spam

Minnit Chat has several safeguards in place to help protect your users from spam. That being said, it’s important to know what to do if a spambot gets through.

First thing you should do is to know not to respond to spammers or spambots. If they feel ignored, they will focus their resources elsewhere.

Now, let’s look at an example of spam:

Do you see that little “!” icon that the arrow is pointed to? This is the Report button! Click it to generate a transcript.

Now, you will see this screen:

Click “Report”, and type up a message:

For spam, you should report to both Minnit Staff and Chat Staff. Alert Chat Staff to check the Reports Menu to view reported transcripts. They can use this to ban the user right away from the chat.

When you report to Minnit Staff, we will investigate the report, usually within 2-3 business days, and take action as required. User reports are key in helping keep our anti-spam defenses strong.

Thank you for your help in keeping Minnit Chat spam-free!

Minnit Chat – New Features and Updates

Hello everyone! As chat owners, we know users might sometimes ask you for help with registration, or questions about the service. While many of you have read various documentation on the Wiki that can help you learn more about how Minnit operates, we wanted to take the time to explain some of the recent changes that have been made, as well as touch on some of the upcoming features.

Over the past week, the entire chat layout was re-designed to allow it to work better with larger backgrounds that take up the entirety of the chat. This feature was long requested, and we are pleased to deliver it to you. We’ve also made the chatroom slightly wider when used directly.

Second, Numrace was updated so the numbers being played are no longer shown to the entire chat. This will help keep things more fair.

Third, we added the ability to display colored scrollbars to users on Firefox and Microsoft Edge. These have always been applied in Google Chrome, but now the chat experience is consistent across even more browsers.

Now, for the upcoming features:

First, as always, more smilies are being worked on. We hope to have the Castle themed smiley pack out soon, which includes a crown, tiara, a dragon, and a smiley wielding a sword, as well as other smilies and features. Stay tuned to our Twitter to know when it releases!

Second, we are working hard behind the scenes to update the server code to make things faster and more secure. These changes won’t always be apparent, and we don’t publicly state every security update made, but rest assured, many things happen behind the scenes.

Third, we will be changing the layout of some of the pages to make them a bit easier to use. Don’t be surprised if you open a page and the design has changed! Don’t worry — none of the functionality will ever go away. We will always keep Minnit Chat as advanced and powerful as ever before.

Remember — if you ever have a suggestion or issue, contact us on the Support system!

We hope you enjoy the various updates.

– @brk

Introducing Bots

We are happy to announce that you can now get a Bot in your chat.

Premium Bots can automatically kick users who use words you block. If they keep it up, the bot will ban them. You can change the reasons for kicking & banning, how many warnings to give, and how long to ban. This makes the Bot great for moderating your chat while you’re away.

Of course, the bot is about more than just banning. The premium bot comes with Typerace, a brand new game where users must type a phrase as fast as possible. The bot then announces the winners; this makes for fun competition!

There are many new features available for free, as well: the bot can also help you keep track of who visits your chat with Auto Regular. You can choose to make all users who enter a Regular, or wait until they talk. You can even specify it to be registered users only, to help prevent duplicates.

Want even more? Ask the bot any question using the !8ball command, and it will answer. Or, it can help you choose by randomly selecting an option using !choose. Flip a coin with !coinflip. Calculate the likelihood of love using !lovetest. Count down to a date using !countdown. Slap a user with !slap. All of these commands are free to use.

You can see a full command list here. Of course, more commands and features will be added in the future, so stay tuned.

Visit your chat’s “Edit Chat” menu to get your bot set up!

How to grow your website using a live chat

One of the easiest ways to grow your website is by using a live group chat to talk with your visitors.

Here’s how it can help:

Keep your visitors returning
Visitors are probably coming to your website because they’re interested in the content you post.

Visitors who join can discuss the content you post with other users, and more importantly with you.

If you have a group chat and engage with visitors, they’ll probably return.

Some examples:

If you make a blog post, users on the chat could discuss the post with you and other users.

If you own a live radio that plays music, you can take requests in the chat and have a general discussion.

Building a community is really important and keeps your visitors returning.

Get feedback

Having a live chat makes it really easy to get feedback from users.

Not everyone is going to provide feedback without asking. You’ll find that if a visitor enjoys your content and you ask them for feedback, they’ll happily provide it.

Once you build a relationship with these visitors, if there is any issues on your website (e.g. errors, broken features) they will be the first let you know.

I experienced this firsthand with Minnit. I owned websites before, and when there were errors I had no idea until I discovered it myself.

But with Minnit, users let me know immediately when they encounter issues or if they have any suggestions.

It’s important that once you get feedback, you actively try to address it.

Showing users that you care about their feedback is key to keeping them happy and having them return to your website.

Get more exposure

If you use Minnit for your chat, your chat can be featured on our lists.

Other users often look at chat listings for new chats, so you’ll get new visitors on your chat. If you provide the website URL and website description on your Minnit Chat, users might click it and visit your site.

Minnit offers a free embeddable HTML5 chat. Register now and give it a try. Embed by just copying and pasting a few lines of code.

New Smiley Packs / Profile Upgrades

Hello again! Today, Minnit Chat just got even better with more advanced smilies and smilie customization, in the form of “Smiley Packs”. These are “packs” of extra smilies, hats, accessories, and, for the first time ever, facial hair, which will allow you to customize your smilies even more. We’ve come out with three unique packs: Fancy, Pirate, and Colors. Also, we’ve added more ways to enhance your Minnit Chat profile, with “Profile Upgrades”. You can add your top 8 best friends, or change the colors of your profile. Click Here to check out the shop and learn more.

Features are purchased using Coins. At the moment, coins are tied to your account, but we plan on adding the ability to transfer Coins to other users later on. If you would like to immediately transfer your Coins, please contact Minnit Support.

We plan on adding even more smiley packs and profile upgrades as time goes on, so be sure to follow our Twitter to stay up to date. Remember: While some smilies and upgrades are paid upgrades, Minnit Chat is and always will be a fast HTML5 chat that’s free to use and embed. Our core goal has not, and will not, change.

Jimdo – Free HTML5 Chatroom for your Jimdo website

Users who use Jimdo can improve their website and get returning visitors by using a free HTML5 chat group, embedded directly in to their Jimdo website. Using Minnit Chat, you can have a customizable HTML5 chatroom on your Jimdo site in just a few minutes!

Minnit Chat works on every modern device. If a user comes to your site on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, they will instantly be able to communicate with other users in real time. This makes Minnit a great chatroom for parenting sites, cooking sites, or any other site!

Step One – Sign Up for

Registration couldn’t be easier. All you need is a valid email address! Register by clicking here. After registration, you will be guided to creating your Minnit Chat. Mark that it’s for use on your website for best results.

Once you do this, click “Embed Your Chat”, and then select “Website that supports External IFrames”. For best results, put the Width to 300 and the Height to 500. Minnit Chat is easily scalable and works great, even for small sizes.

Step Two – Embedding On Your Jimdo Site

Once you have your Embed Code ready, go to your Jimdo site and edit the page you want your chat to be on.

Next, click the “…” to open “Advanced Options”, then click the </> icon to access the HTML Editor. Then, paste your Minnit Chat embed code.

Example GIF:

Then, click “Save”, and “Save” again.

Step Three – Chat Away!

That’s right, you’re all set to begin chatting with your visitors in real time. Upon saving your embedded code, your chatroom becomes fully operational. No further steps are needed.

If you have any further questions regarding this article, contact and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Your website is better with a Minnit Chat! See for full details and to get your free HTML5 chat code for Jimdo or any website/blog.


Today, we’ve launched another big update for Minnit Chat: The chat now supports other languages! You can select your language by clicking the Settings icon in the chat, and selecting from the dropdown. Minnit Chat will try to set the appropriate language for you upon visiting.

We also allow chat owners who wish to generate an HTML5 chat code in another language to change the chat language by default to new users. See

Finally, we would like to reach out to the community to help with translating. At the moment, we only offer a few languages. If you know any other language, head on over to and fill out the form as best you can for approval. We will contact you with any questions.

Happy chatting!

Thank you!

Your website is better with a Minnit Chat! See for full details and to get your free HTML5 Chatroom Code

How to add a chatroom to Wix

Minnit Chat offers full compatibility with users, free of charge. We know that your Wix site is important to you, so we offer a minimalistic design that works great with nearly any theme, as well as customizable color schemes, the ability to upload a new background image, and more. The best part – new users can join, even if they don’t have a Minnit Chat account yet.

Minnit Chat works on every modern device. If a user comes to your site on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, they will instantly be able to communicate with other users in real time. This makes Minnit a great chatroom for parenting sites, cooking sites, or any other Wix site!

Step One – Sign Up for

Registration couldn’t be easier. All we need is a valid email address! Register by clicking here. After that, make your chatroom here. Pick a unique chat name and brief description. Mark that it’s for use on your website for best results.

Once you do this, click “Embed Your Chat”, and then select the option from the menu to get your Wix URL!

Step Two – Enable IFrames for your Wix Site

The next step is to click here and add “HTML iFrame/Embed” to your site. This application comes directly from, so it is the safest way to proceed. This will allow you to put your Minnit Chat directly on your Wix site!

Step Three – Put It All Together!

Once you have your “Wix Embed” URL from Minnit Chat, and you’ve added “HTML iFrame/Embed” to your Wix Site, you must put them together. This is the easiest step, so don’t worry!

First, put the gray box anywhere you’d like, and resize it as you see fit.

Next, click the gray box, and click “Enter Website Address”, then put your Minnit Chat URL in the “Website Address” text box. See the example:

Step Four – Save!

Click the Save button on the top right of the page, and your Minnit Chat will instantly be viewable to everybody.

This concludes our guide for Wix users! Remember, if you have any questions, you can contact Minnit Chat Support. We are always happy to assist you.

Your website is better with a Minnit Chat!