Minnit Chat – August 2019 Update: New Features & Changes

Hello, everyone.

Today, I am pleased to announce the August 2019 update for Minnit Chat is now live. Let’s run through what’s new!

Chats on the Community plan and higher may now Pre-Approve messages

While many chatrooms are designed for instant conversation, some prefer to use it as a way to host live Q&As. For these chats, you are able to set messages to require pre-approval, so they will no longer appear immediately.

Here’s how it works:

As you can see from the GIF, I asked a question, and Gavin was able to respond. However, his message was not put into the public chat until I went to the Unapproved Messages section and clicked Approve.

This will make it much easier to host webinars, Q&A sessions, and use the chatroom to communicate with students. Trolls will give way once they learn that their messages won’t affect the general public.

You are able to enable this feature via Chat Settings, if your chat is on the Community plan or higher. You can also change who is allowed to speak freely without pre-approval, in case you want to make users a Regular if they’re trustworthy, and manually approve Visitors.

You can also change who is allowed to approve messages, in case you want to limit it to Managers or higher.

Making ranks is easier than ever.

Adding additional owners used to only be possible via Chat Settings. This update allows you to manage ranks much more easily just by clicking their name, with a new design:

Note, only the person who created the chat is able to add or remove additional Owners. Furthermore, only the person who created the chat is able to delete the chat.

Those two limitations aside, all other settings are available to your new owners, including full access to the Chat Settings menus. Only grant ownership to users whom you fully trust.

This is available on all chats, regardless of your payment plan.

More perks for plans.

Due to user feedback, we are adding more perks to our payment plans across the board.

Previously, chats on Community plan and higher could upload up to 10 custom emoji. This is now raised to 30 custom emoji.

Chats on the Pro plan could previously upload 30 custom emoji. This is now raised to 100.

Chats on the Community plan used to be allowed 8 CSS Assets. This limit is now 20.

Chats on Pro plan used to be allowed 16 CSS assets, but now it’s raised to 80.

We appreciate everybody who has discussed their chat needs with us, as they help us shape Minnit to be the best possible service it can be.

Other Minor Improvements

A few other changes are included in this update: The guest photos are more randomized and won’t lean so heavily towards green; the Support System now allows file uploads; User Lookup is improved and will always return proper rank; better anti-spammer detection; Chat Settings now contains more information on your chat, including your Maximum Simultaneous User count; and various server updates, both major & minor, to improve stability and ensure Minnit operates as smoothly as possible.

What’s Next?

We’re still hard at work on Organizations, revamping the Emoji, and making other improvements to the service. We take our time to make sure that updates are able to be fully tested, and include many changes in a single update, to ensure minimal interruptions to the service. Thank you for your patience & understanding.

And, until next time… Happy chatting!


I Love You 30,000

Hello everyone, and happy June! My name is Jesse, one of the founders, developers, and administrators of Minnit Chat, here to share some good news.

I am pleased to announce that earlier today, Minnit Chat officially hit 30,000 registered accounts. This is an amazing milestone, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Whether you’re brand new, or you’ve been with us since 2017, we’ve been so grateful to have such valuable feedback, and so many people enjoy the service.

Since June marks the 30,000 milestone, as well as later in the month marking the 2 year anniversary of Minnit LTD being incorporated, I figured it’d be nice to update you all on what’s new behind-the-scenes with Minnit — especially since things have been a bit quiet on our social media.

2019 has been amazing year for Minnit. We hit about 800,000 unique visitors in the past month. Our Alexa Site Ranking puts us in the top 400,000 sites worldwide — in 2018, we weren’t even in the first million. And through it all, our goal has been the same: to provide a great chat experience, provide fast and friendly customer support, and work on awesome new features, in that order.

That in mind, we would like to say that new features are still underway. They take time, and lots of testing, to get right. And of course, with things like database upgrades, discussing new server structures, and ensuring that questions are answered in a timely fashion, these things can sometimes take longer than anticipated. But rest assured, we’re still working hard — for instance, I myself am working on an update which contains several improvements, bug fixes, and new features. One of the features is the ability for chatroom owners to require messages to be pre-approved before they show up publicly. This feature will be great for radio stations that want to hold quick Q&As, webinars that want only relevant messages to appear, and teachers who want a way to quickly take questions for their online courses.

I’ll have more to share about this update in another week or two, once it’s finished the testing stages. Stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook pages for details.

And, as always… happy chatting! 🙂
Jesse @brk

Minnit Chat – March 2019 update

We are pleased to announce a new update to Minnit Chat has just released.

Here is a list of new features, bug fixes, and other changes that are included in this update:

  • When banning a user, if you have the “Delete Messages” permission for your rank, you’ll see a new checkbox to “Delete Messages by User”. So if someobdy spams your chat, you’re able to immediately erase all of their messages at once, and only those with the proper rank will be allowed to view them. This will help save time cleaning up spam or other unwanted content.

  • When receiving new DMs, a “New Message” indicator will appear above the new messages, so you can immediately tell which ones are new, and which ones you’ve already seen. The indicator will go away when you begin typing, or when you switch to another conversation, to avoid confusion.

  • The maximum length for a message can now be adjusted by the owners, instead of always at 1,000 characters. Owners can change this by going into “Edit Chat” -> “General Settings”. Free chats can set their maximum message length anywhere from 250-1,000 characters. If you’re on the Basic plan, you’re able to go to 2,000 characters per message. Community plan is 4,000 characters per message. Pro plan can be set up to 10,000 characters per message.

  • If you’re on the Community chat tier or higher, you’re able to enable Invisible mode. Click your name and click “Enable Invisible” to hide in the user list. You’re still able to talk and moderate the chatroom. By default, this is only available to Owners, but you can configure this to Managers/Moderators in the Chat Settings->Rank Permissions and Bans.

  • Friends List will now always show the current username/nickname/photo that the friend is using, instead of what they were using when you added them.

  • Bot Commands are no longer case sensitive. You can now type !8BALL, for instance, instead of just !8ball

  • Custom links now work if there are punctuation marks afterwards. For instance, if you have “website” set as a custom link, you can type “Who likes my website?”, and the question mark won’t interfere with the link.

  • More words for the Guest Nickname generator, to reduce the possibility of duplicates.

  • Various backend changes to make Minnit run more efficiently.


Jesse @brk

Minnit Organizations — Coming Soon

Hello everyone.

It’s been nearly a month since our last major update, which introduced a new chat design, the ability to delete individual messages, and, most importantly, the ability to upload and share files directly within the chat. I want to thank the Owners who have reached out with feedback, whether from themselves, their staff, or their users. Our mission is, and has always been, to make the best chat service around.

And of course, we’re not slowing down any time soon. Today I am going to reveal Organizations, coming later this year to Minnit Chat. So let’s begin explaining the idea and reason behind Organizations, and what they will bring to the table.

We essentially have two types of owners. The first type of owner just wants to create a chat, embed it onto their website, and get it popular. They want to remain in the Discover listings to get more users who just browse around Minnit Chat. They want something easy. And for those users, we will continue to provide the great support we’ve provided since day one. Nothing about the existing Minnit Chat infrastructure is changing.

That being said… There’s a second type of owner. They want their chat to be an integral part of their website. They want total control over the usernames people choose. They want to only use their chat within their website, without “Minnit Users” joining. And for those type of owners, Minnit Organizations are our answer.

Each Minnit Organization will have its own account setup, independent of the rest of Minnit Chat. Owners are able to manage the accounts individually, as well — if a user forgets their password, you as the owner can reset it for them. You will also get a ton of more power over the entirety of your Minnit Organization:

You want to require users to provide an email to create an account? You got it.

You want to only allow users to create an account by connecting to your website using OAuth2/SAML2? No problem.

You want to have your logo present on every single page, including login and account settings? We got you covered.

You want to hide any & all references to “Minnit” from your chatroom and relevant pages, so your visitors may not even realize you didn’t make the chat yourself? Enjoy!

After talking directly with chat owners for nearly two years, we’re certain that Organizations will be a hit. Stay tuned for further details, including pricing, features, and more.

Happy chatting!


Message Deleting and Changes to File Transfers


We have received great feedback off of our update earlier this week, which you can read about by clicking here. We’ve had great talks with the chat owners, whether it was in-chat, over our Facebook page, or via our Ticket system. We’re glad to know it’s been a hit!

Now, there are two important matters to discuss, so chat owners, please take the time to read this to understand what’s new with Minnit Chat.

First order of business… The ability to delete individual messages is finally here. This has been requested by many owners, so we hope you enjoy it.

By default, all Moderators, Managers, and Owners may delete messages. To do this, you can either use the three dots next to a message, right-click a message, or tap-and-hold a message. You should then see the “Delete Message” option.

Once you delete the message, you will see “Message has been deleted by [your name]. Click to view.” Don’t worry — only those who are allowed to delete messages will see this! The rest of the users in your chat will no longer see the message whatsoever, as if it never existed.

If you click to view the message, you can also repeat the steps to un-delete the message. So, if you make a mistake, or a Moderator was unfairly deleting messages, you can always undo it. You have full control!

And, of course, in “Ranks, Permissions and Bans”, you can take away the deletion ability from Moderators or Managers. Taking this away also stops them from being allowed to view deleted messages, or view who deleted them.

Second order of business… The method that File Uploads works in Direct Messages has been revised. When we first released it, it always allowed everyone to upload anything in Direct Messages — which proved unpopular. So, here are the new rules:

  • If you DM a user in the same chat as you, you can only upload what the owner set.
  • If you DM a user in another chatroom or offline, you cannot upload anything, only send regular messages.
  • If you DM a user, and both of you have each other added as a friend, then you can both upload anything, even if one is offline or in another chat. This means if the chat owner turned off image uploads to keep the chat looking clean, but you want to share a photo of your cat, you and your friend can just add one another and send it via DM. Content uploaded in DMs will not count against the chatroom’s monthly bandwidth — instead, each user’s account gets 1GB/month of uploads specifically for DMs.

  • These rules are subject to change in the future.

    We hope you enjoy these changes. We’re hard at work on more features as we speak, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

    Happy chatting!

    Jesse @brk

    Minnit Chat – January 2019 Update

    Hello everyone!

    Today, we are proud to announce the January 2019 update to Minnit Chat. We have some great changes in this update, so let’s get started.

    First, and most importantly… File Uploads are finally live! You can click the Paperclip icon in the text box to upload and send a file. Files will be stored anywhere from 14-180 days, depending on which Payment Plan you are on. Upload images, videos, PDFs, and more.

    Chat Owners: Please take the time to go into your “Links, Media, and Uploads” section of the Edit Chat menu to configure who can upload files, and what they can upload. Each chat has its own monthly bandwidth limit, so you may wish to limit this to specific ranks.

    Second, the “Mentioning” system is now improved. If you begin typing “@b”, for instance, you will be able to quickly see a list of users in the chat, and in your friends list, whose names begin with “B”. Continue typing, e.g. “@brk”, to narrow the search results down to those whose names begin with “brk”.

    Third, you will see little context dots appear when you mouse over messages, or tap and hold on messages. This allows you to quickly mention users, interact with them, copy their message, and even report any media they upload.

    Finally, the chat style has been tweaked slightly for a more modern look.

    We hope you enjoy these changes. We have many more in the works as we speak, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages, so you can be first to know what changes are coming.

    Happy chatting!


    Improved GIF Search with Tenor

    Hello everybody.

    We are pleased to announce that the GIF Search functionality has been given a major overhaul.

    First off, when you first open the GIF Search, you will be greeted with a list of categories that you can quickly click to view:

    You may also use the search box above, same as before. Tenor’s results will do a better job at delivering the GIFs you’re looking for — searching “water bottle”, for instance, only delivers results matching water bottle, not pictures that are either water or bottle:

    Finally, GIFs are now slightly bigger. Owners can always turn off GIFs using the Chat Edit menu, under the “Links, Media, GIFs” category.

    Happy chatting!

    Minnit offers a great embeddable HTML5 chat that’s free to start. See https://minnit.chat for details, and embed onto your website by just copying a simple line of code.

    View your chat archive

    Hello everyone,

    By popular request, we are announcing the ability to mass-view your chatroom’s Message Archive. Pick a specific time period to view, and view the messages that took place during that time period. You can even share the URL with others and they can instantly view it.

    This feature is available for chats on the Basic plan and higher. The default rank required to view the archive is owner, but you can change this under “Rank Permissions and Bans” from the Chat Edit menu.

    You can access your chat archive by going to: https://minnit.chat/archive

    Here’s a preview of what viewing the archive looks like:

    We will be adding the ability to download the archive en masse at a later date. Stay tuned!

    We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Minnit, so if you have suggestions on how to improve this feature or any other suggestions in general, please let us know on the forum.

    How to add a chatroom to Neocities

    Want to add a free chatroom to talk with your visitors on your Neocities website? Follow the steps below.

    Step One – Sign Up for Minnit.chat

    Registration couldn’t be easier. Register by clicking here. After registration, you will be guided to creating your Minnit Chat. Mark that it’s for use on your website for best results.

    Once you do this, click “Embed Your Chat”, and then select “Website that supports External IFrames”. For best results, set the Width to 300 and the Height to 500. Minnit Chat is easily scalable and works great, even for small sizes

    Step Two – Embedding On Your Neocities Site

    Once you have your Embed Code ready, go to your Neocities site and edit the page you want your chat to be on.

    Now paste the embed code where you want the chat to appear and click Save.

    Step Three – Chat Away!

    That’s right, you’re all set to begin chatting with your visitors in real time. Upon saving your embedded code, your chatroom becomes fully operational. No further steps are needed.

    If you have any further questions regarding this article, contact minnit.chat/support and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    Your website is better with a Minnit Chat! See minnit.chat for full details and to get your free HTML5 chat code for Neocities or any website/blog.

    Get a moment of zen with Pause

    Minnit Chat is proud to unveil our newest feature: “Pause”. This is useful if you need to take a break from the chat, and no other Mods are online. Or, if there are a lot of spammers, and you need them to be quiet while you sort through and ban them.

    To use, simply click the Menu icon above the chat, and click Pause Chat.

    Then, you will be greeted with this handy form:

    After you do this, everyone in your chat will see a message above the text box, explaining that the chat is Paused.

    If you Pause for a very long time, and want to undo it sooner, no problem. Simply go to the menu, and click Unpause, to let people talk early.

    By default, only Owners may Pause the chat. Using the Edit Chat page, though, you can allow all Managers or Moderators to have access, as well, and configure how long it’ll last – up to 1 week. You can also choose which ranks get Paused, so if you want to let your Managers pause Moderators and lower, then you can do that. The choice is yours.

    This feature is available for all chats, starting today.

    Happy chatting!