Celebrate Minnit’s Third Birthday with our July 2020 Update!

A few weeks ago, Minnit celebrated its third birthday! 🎉 I’m pleased to announce that our July 2020 update has just been released. Here is what it’s available. Message Reactions You are now able to react to messages in the chat. First, this setting must be enabled at https://minnit.chat/chatsettings?page=reactions Once enabled and you add emoji,… Continue reading Celebrate Minnit’s Third Birthday with our July 2020 Update!

Put a Pin on your Messages

Hello everyone! Today I am proud to announce a new feature to Minnit: The ability to “Pin” a message. Here’s how it works: If you, or somebody else, sends a message that is particularly important, you can click the three dots next to the message, and select the new “Pin Message” button: Once you pin… Continue reading Put a Pin on your Messages

New server & chat updates!

Hello, everyone. Minnit is continuously growing every day, and to that, we saw thank you to everyone! From our beginnings in summer of 2017, to now in 2020, things have been chugging along very rapidly. With that, of course, comes a much-needed server upgrade. For the technologically inclined: Our new server has 3 times as… Continue reading New server & chat updates!

Gifting Subscriptions

Users in your chat are now able to gift you a premium subscription on Minnit Chat! To get started, a non-owner can click the Menu icon above the text box, then click “Gift Subscription”. Once clicked, a new page will open up where the subscription can be changed. Once the gift is given, the Chat… Continue reading Gifting Subscriptions

Minnit Chat – August 2019 Update: New Features & Changes

Hello, everyone. Today, I am pleased to announce the August 2019 update for Minnit Chat is now live. Let’s run through what’s new! Chats on the Community plan and higher may now Pre-Approve messages While many chatrooms are designed for instant conversation, some prefer to use it as a way to host live Q&As. For… Continue reading Minnit Chat – August 2019 Update: New Features & Changes