Stickers come to Minnit!

Today, we are pleased to announce that Stickers are coming to Minnit Chat. Stickers are able to be set up by the Owner of the chatroom via the “Chat Settings” menu — look for “Emoji & Stickers” to find the new settings. Stickers make it easy for Owners to set up one-click reactions, funny GIFs,… Continue reading Stickers come to Minnit!

New features for Organizations

Hello everyone. Last weekend, we released a large update that added a new payment tier, the ability for users to contribute to Boosting your chatroom/Organization, and other related improvements, which we covered in our previous blog post. This update also included useful updates specific for Organizations. Let’s go over them now. First off, Single Sign… Continue reading New features for Organizations

New ways to upgrade your community — with the help of your community

Hello everyone. Today, we have released new ways to upgrade your chatroom or Organization. The first new way is via a new payment tier between “Free” & “Basic”, dubbed “Lite”. The Lite plan is immediately available to be upgraded to using The plan allows you to have up to 100 users, as well as… Continue reading New ways to upgrade your community — with the help of your community


Hello everyone. We have just released our API for Organizations. Our API makes it easy to deploy and remove chatrooms, with a simple request from your server to ours. Currently, you are able to create new chats, copy chats, delete chats, and even set the pinned notice within chats. Additionally, you’re able to generate a… Continue reading API

Custom Domains just got better

Since the launch of Custom Domains in January, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. Custom Domains solve third party cookie issues, which makes the user experience a lot smoother. With some configuration on the Organization Settings backend, and waiting for responses from your DNS registrar, Owners could get Custom Domains up and running in… Continue reading Custom Domains just got better

Sign in with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback since the launch of Organizations back in November. We’re not slowing down though — we’re only just getting started. Organizations opens the door to a lot of cool features, and we’re happy to announce native support for social login providers today. This includes Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.… Continue reading Sign in with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Allow users to create chatrooms on your Organization

As shown on our Pricing page, Organizations each come with a number of included chatrooms they may create. We have recently raised this limit across the board, and, to celebrate, we are now making it easier for Organization owners to choose who can, and cannot, create chatrooms. When using your Organization’s “Manage Accounts” menu, you… Continue reading Allow users to create chatrooms on your Organization