Allow users to create chatrooms on your Organization

As shown on our Pricing page, Organizations each come with a number of included chatrooms they may create. We have recently raised this limit across the board, and, to celebrate, we are now making it easier for Organization owners to choose who can, and cannot, create chatrooms. When using your Organization’s “Manage Accounts” menu, you… Continue reading Allow users to create chatrooms on your Organization

Custom domains are here!

Hello everyone. We have now added the ability to run the chat from your own domain. For the more technical users: this means that you’ll be able to CNAME to our domain. Running the chat from your own domain is a great idea for a few reasons: Branding: Visitors will expect your domain name to… Continue reading Custom domains are here!

Zero-Click SSO

Hello everyone. To kick off the new year, we have released an update that brings along support for Zero-click SSO to Organizations. This is a solution to authenticate users in the chatroom entirely via your site’s backend, whether they’ve previously registered or not. While Minnit Chat has supported both OAuth2 and SAML2 since the launch… Continue reading Zero-Click SSO

Minnit Organizations Are Here

Hello everyone. Today, we are pleased to announce the long-anticipated release of Organizations. As some of you may recall, we previously teased this new update just before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since then, we’ve had to make time for the large influx of our customers shifting to the digital world, and keep up with the ever-evolving… Continue reading Minnit Organizations Are Here

New updates to Channels

Hello everyone. We have released an update for Channels:Channels now honor the order inputted via the Chat Settings page, rather than being ordered alphabetically. This way, you can choose which channels should be at the top & easily accessible, and which ones should be put lower on the page. Additionally, when embedding your chat via… Continue reading New updates to Channels

Celebrate Minnit’s Third Birthday with our July 2020 Update!

A few weeks ago, Minnit celebrated its third birthday! 🎉 I’m pleased to announce that our July 2020 update has just been released. Here is what it’s available. Message Reactions You are now able to react to messages in the chat. First, this setting must be enabled at Once enabled and you add emoji,… Continue reading Celebrate Minnit’s Third Birthday with our July 2020 Update!